Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deana Lawson Exhibition

I went to the Deana Lawson Exhibition at the MoMa "The New Photography 2011" on Saturday.  Love this woman!!  Her working procedure is exquisite as she uses her husband to sketch out every idea that she plans on using in a project.  She then finds her characters to play the role and the location.  She explores the African American culture in an almost vulgar yet hard not to intrigue you manner.  Her pieces for this exhibition were "Diva at 73 years old","Daughter","Baby Sleep", "Thai","Roxie and Raquel","Flex" and "Altar".  My favorites were "Diva at 73 years old" and "Daughter".  After her lecture we sat down to the side and spoke.  I had met Deana at her Lightworks exhibition of her whole collection and fell in love with the way she captured her subjects.  We briefly spoke during that time for everyone wanted her attention. While we sat in the MoMa we spoke about her exhibition in Syracuse and everything she was doing now as well as with what I was doing these days. We spoke of my senior thesis and project and the rest goes on until of course people started interupting our conversation.  Hopefully I'll get to see her again soon.

(excuse the bad photos from my iPad)