Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Collector JOE BAIO

This weekend i went down to NYC for an art conference.  Along the way I visited collector Joe Baio's house with a group of colleagues.  Let's just say he was amazing along with his partner Anne Griffen.  Let me pass on some information about Joe before going on to everything in his house for those who have never heard of him.  Joe started collecting in 1989 and in 1994 he became a proclaimed collector of photographs.  He, like other people who have a passion for photography started photographing mainly his children and took courses at ICP.  LAter he decided not to pursue it and became a lawyer.  So, Joe hasn't always been at this location near MacDougal Street in the Village.  H emoted here in 2003 and has over 2,000 photographs.  Anne and him put up 200 every year in rotation.  His eye is very keen and exquisite mainly concentrating on adolescence and growing up.  Most of the rooms consists of photographers photographing their children.  He had photographers like Steve Pike, Emick Gowen, my photography advisor Doug Dubois, Alvin Booth and Magnum Photographers like Davidson, Eliot Erwitt  & Arbus.

I have seen mostly all of these images before yet was very impressed with the entire setup.  Each room had a different theme.  I was probably more observant with the owners, Joe and Anne unlike everyone else who were more interested with the photos.  Joe walked around the house talking to everyone in his socks while Anne was in a well fitted dress with boots; comfortable but dressed to host.  They had coffee and donuts for us which I wish I knew before hand so I wouldn't have eaten :) lol.  I enjoyed Anne's company as we both paced the room observing everyone in their focused state of mind not realizing that they were being watched.
(excuse the bad quality iPad isn't the best picture taker)