Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lunch & Psychic w/ Mr. Burke & Maquella

It sucks that Burke and I haven't seen each other all summer..due to me being busy with my art residency at the Westbeth and my collaboration project. On Thursday, Burke convinced me to meet him at Cafeteria which is a restaurant that definitely makes my top 5 WORST restaurants in Manhattan...haha..why did I go? Two reasons: Burke wanted waffles and what he wants he gets and I hadn't seen him in a while so I said why not. Once I got there...late of course...there was a pretty blue eyed and blonde haired Frenchie sitting with him...Maquella is her name..she's adorable. Any who, our conversation roamed from topic to topic about Burke's pop burger womanizing escapades, my liking for two different men at the moment, my favorite website The Madbury Club that he is a part of and life. After Burke was convinced how bad Cafeteria was and had realized that none of us had finished our food we paid the check and left. Two blocks up we saw a sign saying "Psychic Reading". Of course Burke was against the whole idea as if it were a complete conspiracy...but all in all none of us had ever had our palms we tried it, me being first. Maquella went 2nd and then Burke who was mostly surprised that the lady ended up not to be a gypsy or stitching witch like he had thought. The lady was very accurate. Surprised the he'll out of me with a few things...matter of fact even had Burke not wanting to talk about it :) haha. She was accurate. I highly rexommend she's located on 17th and 6th...enjoy