Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello hello I've missed you all this summer. I've gotten alot of sad,angry and confused emails about the site not being updated. So this is hownit works. This is no longer the primary site but the blog version. I had this urge to make the site into a flash website. I had an art residency at the Westbeth this summer as some of you may know collaborating on a project with artists Sean De Leon and Ellie Simon. It was a pleasure working with them. I ended up with a list of contacts and offers for many more projects during the upcoming year. So I am going back up to school on Wednesday and will be spending most of the year working on my senior thesis...wait for it...I've met alot of new people this summer who I have already or will interview so during the week stay tuned for new interviews and photos etc of what's been going on this summer. Thank you guys for being patient and I won't disappoint :) xoxo, Love.