Tuesday, March 22, 2011

::random thought::

i know you guys are extremely upset with me & im sorry alot has been going on as most of you may know..also thank you for every1 who made it out to Kush Lounge for my 21st bday celebration...xoxo..things to catch up on..my book has dropped in Europe 1st,my apologies to all my fans in the states..BUT i have gotten it to be pushed to 2weeks so yes you can order it online(amazon, borders, barnes & nobles) but you will be able to get it in stores in the next two weeks("Through Dreams Come Nightmares")...i also just came back from Dominican Republic..went on a mini vaca with my dad while also getting funded by an art organization to do a photo project over there...it was really great..soo also my art exhibition is in the works for June since I'll be hitting Europe in July for my art exhibition there and my book tour..hopefully i'll have my book signings in the states starting during the summer...stayed tuned alot will be posted today xoxo