Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hottie of the Week: Waun Daun

"Waun Daun.  MMMM isnt he a beauty? He is amazingly gorgeous, this guy never seems to be "a regular" for me and always amazes me every time i talk with him.  There's something about him that just makes me smirk just cause--i mean besides the fact that he's handsome..his persona is to die for.  We're always laughing when we talk to each other...def someone to have and keep around.  These are the reason I like Waun:

1. He's an illustrator :) 
2. He has a gap in between his front teeth im such a sucker for that
3. His voice is sooo soothing at night.  Love talking to him before i go to sleep
4. I know this is a bit weird, its hard to explain but he doesn't lie with his many people have become so good at that..
5. His spirit is so clean cut that it makes me want to keep him wrapped under my sweater so no girl can harm him.

So I'm suppose to help him destroy his room to build it back up lol lets see what kind of art we create after the destroying part is over..Stay tuned to hear about Waun..he might just be a keeper.