Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Distant Relatives "Patience" by Nabil Elderkin

DISTANT RELATIVES "Patience" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Of course pure art in this video.  I love when Nas and Damien come together and create music.  Nas is always be my favorite rapper of all time.  Many think he's a preacher but I don't care.  I supported Nas when Jay-Z was just mediocre and even when now Jay-Z seems to be the "best rapper" alive I still stick by Nas.  Much respect to the man who has never changed his flow throughout the years and has stuck by what he believes in and says.

Videographer and Director, Nabil, has done it again.  I always find his work to be genius and refreshing yet intimidating to the eye in a "i dont want to look, but i need to look" kind of way.  His signature of beautiful romantic oddities in his videos have always made me say: I want to be in this guys head 24/7.  Two of my favorite videos that he's directed is Morning Parade A&E and Coldest Winter for Kanye West. The best video/trailer that I personally think he's ever made is "Bouncing Cats".  If you have not seen it you should.  His videos have this way of flowing and spurring emotions of all kinds, not just one and I believe thats what art is supposed to do.