Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Love Hurts

If I had the opportunity to ask God one question Id ask God: "Why does love hurt so much if its supposed to be good?"  I haven't cried the way I did today in a really long time.  I cried to the point i couldn't breathe.  I've lost a best friend, a lover...all in the matter of a few minutes and a few words.  This "love" thing never seems to work for me, shit even when its just me liking the this point and everything I've gone through I should really be giving up..but i feel as though i have so much to give to one person who's just willing to be patient and watch it all grow...I haven't cried like this in so long, I shouldn't have..but i did...and right now i think that I'm going to take a legitimate break from it all and just keep working in the one thing that wont let me not being bitter and I'm not giving up I just feel that my heart can't take anymore "letting downs" for right now..