Sunday, January 30, 2011

"What I Did Not See"

I loved you once on purpose 
just so i couldn't  love you , 
so it could be easier not to love you at all.
Something promised turns into words disappearing 
as they have no meaning from mouth to mouth, 
your voice is in my ears to go in and out the other- 
i smell your lies 
as it comes out through your breath, your pores, your eyes-
starting with "ourselves" to a "you" to just an "I".
My dead love for you keeps living 
when i keep shooting it to the ground 
while it keeps resurrecting 
and me shooting arrows wont keep it down 
and this dead love keeps gaining strength to withstand my stabs; 
why wont you go away?
To keep coming back 
to a home vacant to your existence
to not be wanted by a place you have lost-
you keep coming back...
So I...
ignored everything in me
love everything in you-
I beat my heart so you could mend it
i let you glue it back together 
to carefully rip it back apart
now we no longer stand as one
we stand as two
what I was blind to see with my eyes
I felt with your lies.

Butta Love