Friday, December 24, 2010

::random thought::

so i didnt do too much posting..well just 1 post yesteday -___- because i was out all day with my bff yesterday was just the best day that i've had in a parties, no drinking, no meetings just a chill day. we went to the mall...ate..shopped :) well specifically in one store but i'll hush about that for now..then we went to a rutgers vs. st peters game which was bomb...taking me 2 a college bball game is def one way to win points from me anyday...then we went to go eat again lol and then..well the rest was the rest lol but it really was a great day/night...he always makes me laugh and smile...gotta love him..then he just came over to bring me my gift b4 he headed to bk :) he'll be back wednesday/thursday