Friday, December 24, 2010

#2010 Memories

i wanted to end the year with my fav 24 memories of this year:

1. my sister getting accepted to Syracuse University, see you in the fall sis
2. tagging up the trailer park up at Cuse w/ Steph, Luis and Jesse smh; love my white friends
3. when me and my bff Andrew made red velvet cake, that night was great
4. going to cornell with Tricel, Tariq and Sai..the drive was too hilarious
5. getting my poetry book signed to a publishing company
6. dinner and drinks w/ Nneka that night was wayyy too funny
7. pulling that ultimate prank on Vincent on his birthday
8. having my uncle Jon here for xmas this year :)
9. when Elijah came to have tea with was one of the best convo's i've had with someone
10. the start of our "crazy thursdays" w/ Sai, Brit, Shane, Steven, Tariq, Tricel, Darwin etc lmao
11. me & Jesse made it 2 the Canada border then realized we didnt have our passports lol priceless
12. realizing that Nina is a moron bc i told her you cant leave wine in the freezer-5bottles wasted lol
13. my mom fell down the same set of stairs 3x in the mater of 5 months smh LMFAOOO
14. my dads drama when we were in the hospital 4 his kidney stones smh worse than a bitch
15. getting the venue for my photo exhibition in the spring :)
16. when Sterling brought me that box to my job, had my co-workers jealous for weeks
17. when Enrique gave me Dune and my little box of chocolates :]
18. going to the rutgers vs st. peters game with my bff Andrew; the whole day was wonderful
19. meeting Ricci Steez, Christian Milo, Sam Williams and many more
20. the Lakers winning their 2nd title in a row bitchesss muahaha
21. this is it..i'll be 21 next year lol
22. lol that one spectacular night with Dorsey smh man oh man
23. me & Shane getting thrown up on at the j.cole concert smh idk how i didnt murder someone lol
24. finally i want to thank God for this year: my president is black, for the old and new friends in my life, for all of the good that i've been led to do and for all the accomplishments that you have allowed me to do.  thank you for my family and for my faith in You, myself and in love...

Butta Love