Monday, April 4, 2011

::random thought::

its crazy how the people you've just met are the ones who make you smile when you're having a really bad morning....and then those who are supposed to make you laugh, dont.  I didnt have a really good night when I got home..sooo alot of you guys knew who I was talking to for a bit..well thats officially over..from last night..and yea it hurt a bit but i'm just happy that it happened now than this morning I woke up..siad my prayers and meditated and felt alot better than last night..and then I met Nashon this morning..i swear God blesses me everytime..pain is only did this guy make me laugh and then he hit me with "i dont know where you came from but i dont want you to go're a breathe of fresh air" and honestly thats all i needed to hear today...i know some people are not meant to be in your life for too long and some are but i hope this guy is meant to stay...just by the way he spoke to me all morning i could tell he'd be a good friend