Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lillys By RD(dir. Enrique Carrion)

soooo I told you guys to not forget about Enrique(bro #1)..yes he's back, well he's been back since my life that is you all know we pop in and out..i think that is permanently our relationship..ANYWAYS we were talking about one of my fav. upcoming artists RD's(bro #2) video to his first single "Lilly's" def need to check out his album "Dreaming in Stereo"...just a suggestion :) so we had this convo while bro #3 was off getting poundcake & orange juice LOL AND missed my party from the night b4(smh).  I've already seen this video and when I saw it again the love and appreciation for it didn't fade.  This video I feel is so complex yet relatable at the same time--the creativity behind these 3 men(who are also roommates & business partners) is beyond beautiful.  I know some of you guys are a little upset because Enrique has been on my site more than once BUT--talent is talent and he's my fav. guy in the world at the moment SO in other love! RD I want that second album in my hands ASAP!!! I can't wait for the next album and video that you put together.much love & respect to my fav trio..ENJOY everyone

Lillys from Acuzio on Vimeo.