Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hottie of the Week: Robert Hammond

I swear i'm going to marry this guy.  I have known "Beans" for almost 5/6 years...he is one of the dopest guy's I've ever came across...why am i not dating him? LOL because he lives in Kentucky AND no he does not have an accent which makes it even better.. BUT we're figuring something out so you ladies better stay away thank you :) I had to make Robert the first hottie of the week because:
1. He goes to school...English major..and a teacher---HUGE turn on when a man goes to school
2. Have you seen his tats? from his chest all the way to his back BUT none are visible..he can easily cover them up with a simple tee-shirt SMART

3. He has his own clothing line with his brother called FOF which you will be hearing about soon from yours truly
4. We're both in love with each other LOL
5. He's greek; not really important, what IS important is that he is a 3 just like me :) 
6. He's an intellectual, he has class, he can dress and everyone knows how important that is to me

He is truly God's Gift to Me xoxo