Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hottie of the Week: Gabriel Rosario

GABEEEEE!!! ok this is one of the coolest guys you can ever meet.  We are both constantly telling each other how cool we think the other is..BUT THIS ultimately cool lol.  I've known Gabe since my alter server days at my elementary school and now he ALSO teaches...idk what it is with me and teachers lol.  But these are the reasons i like Gabe:

1. He is one of the only men who can actually get under my skin
2. When he gets under my skin i can never stay mad at him for too long because he makes me feel as if it was stupid to be mad at him in the first place lol
3. Even though he's yearsss older than me he never treats me as such

4. His swagg is've got to see his smile
5. He keeps it 1000!!! even if it means hurting your feelings he tells you the truth :)
6. lol yes another teacher, he teaches at our old elementary school (awww)