Friday, January 7, 2011

~get to know me~

one of my devoted readers has brought this to my attention: i haven't done one of my 'get to know me' posts in a i decided to remind myself to do one at least every week...Thanks @Chiderah Stanton.

im going to say things pertaining to what has happened recently:

1. i dont like apologies...if u didn't mean to do it then you shouldn't have or simply just dont do it again; i feel as if accepting ones apology is giving them permission to do it again

2. i hate when men can't make up their minds: either we're friends, we're talking, we're trying to fix something, we're dating or w/e just make up your mind

3. i dont like compliments from random makes me not like them from people who really matter to me because i hear the same thing way too many times

ok im done for right now. lol...