Friday, January 14, 2011

Feature: Abs, Owner of Clothing Line "Erare"

So I met the owner of ERARE yesterday(finally LOL); me and this guy have been arguing over twitter probably for the last week until he told me i needed some ERARE on my page.  Even though I knew of his line from before I didn't know he was the owner of this me mean but I was gonna meet up with this guy to tell him that the name of his clothing line was already well known and that he should maybe change it...yea i put my foot in my mouth when Abs gave me my own ERARE snapback(a way to Butta's Heart...crewneck sweatshirts and snapbacks) so he won cool points with me.  Now as most of you already know I never wear any brand without knowing the meaning behind the brand because that's when I'll know if I should wear it.  Your brand should always define your audience not the other way around.  I don't follow the brand for the hype, I follow the brand because it defines me.

Abs and I wandered through Strands on my "art errands" while he listened to me ramble on about nothing until we finally sat down at Au Bon Pain and he explained the concept behind ERARE and how he came about it....and boy did he give me an answer totally different from most designers...his name came about from doodling, almost like an accident..NOW THAT TO ME IS IMPRESSIVE.  The greatest thing about this artist also is that he is fond of the idea of making his brand solely his own and putting out what he feels is important in the world and is not getting the attention that it needs.  You have a brand that has both the words "ERA" and "RARE"..seems like Abs is trying to make his own stand in this new generation, making the true meaning of RARE stand out again instead of becoming part of the norm.

Much Respect to this upcoming artists..check out his stuff at: 


Abs also has a new ladies line coming out called StraeHearts that you should be on the lookout for:

Always Yours,