Thursday, January 13, 2011

Drive Thru Movie Theatres

 most people my age have probably never experienced a drive-thru movie, you know the old movies outside  like in the movie Grease :) LOL...i recently went to one like two months ago upstate with a friend of mine. we were driving from town to town and just came across one; him being a film major and me a photo major we were both pretty excited...we ended up watching a really old black and white western called "Down West Goes George".  The movie wasn't all that great (and i love black and white movies) but just the experience was.  If you ever come across one I highly recommend you go for it.  I've always been inspired with the 40's-80's era.  Not only were the people different but the creativity that artists and inventors had during that time were just as different as well.  I think anyone and everyone who loves something should research it's history and se how it's developed over time--you never know you might be the next Richard Hollingshead, Jr. creating something as big and beautiful as the drive-thru movie theatre.