Thursday, December 9, 2010

::random thought::

i woke up this morning thinking about how blessed i am to be alive today and no matter what happens im happy that i was able to smile today.  I pulled an all nighter with my friends Tricel and Shane last night...i took a nap and when i woke up the sun was shining on the surface of like 3 feet of snow and as i looked to my right Tricel was there up and smiling at me while doing his work while Shane was peacefully sleeping=FRIENDS=THE GOOD LIFE.  i just arrived at the airport so YES im on my way home, a week earlier than everyone at my school i might add.  my writing professor and good buddy A. Flowers took me out to lunch at this Indian restaurant who's food was DELICIOUS and we spoke about my old yet newly constructed piece, "Without Shoes and Lost Memories".  Now that I'm at the airport i cant find a place to sleep...48hours without rest and my eyes are burning=life of an artist BUT as soon as i get on this plane in the next 45min i am going to snore like no tomorrow LOL