Saturday, December 4, 2010

::random thought::

SOOOO..i slept over my boys Fausto and Manny's house last night since we were a bit wild last night while every1 else either stayed in or was partying at a whack party -_- ANYWAY THO...back 2 basics, this morning Fausto was about to kick me out but not before i was going to push him off the bed with his "the only playing in this house today is Wiz, JCole(bc their having at concert at my school 2day) and Hov's bc its his birthday...that woke up right away.. "i dont want to hear some Nas"
now most of you know i like the old Jay Z but ive always been the biggest Nas fan(to each his own)...then this dude gets al disrespectful and starts blasting Hov lol and i just turned on the tv and blasted the Uconn vs Utah that played this morning cause im just that disrespectful..but yes...just had to share it with yall once again that im a Nas fan all the way