Thursday, December 16, 2010


alright you guys have been nagging me about this for like 2 weeks..dont bother me anymore..i know your going to be mad because half of it isnt materialistic BUT oh well lol i started having a hard time after #26 -____- ENJOY; i'll reblog this everyday until xmas lol


    ***1. for my brother Jeohovy to come back home from jail[priceless]
    ***2. a puppy[small/medium dog plz] (i.e. yorkie NO CHIHUAHUAS, French bulldogs, etc)[look it up]
    ***3. patience; one of the greatest virtues that I don’t have :[ [priceless]
    *4. new stickers for my ipad[supreme, kid robot,10 deep, hellz bellz, etc][look it up]   
    **5. all the Disney movies I don’t have[ask for a list; vhs or dvd][look it up]
    ***6. more humble, down to earth friends[priceless]
    ***7. a community service partner that will do community service at the bowery with me :] im huge on giving to others[priceless]
    **8. black Nintendo 64 w/ 2 controllers[mine broke][look it up]
    *9. all the Dunny toys by Kid Robot[look it up]
    *10. wood notebook to write my poetry in[look it up]
    *11. a mustard g-shock watch[fav color; might not find it][look it up]
    *12. new Mishka 'Keep Watch' boxers[my sister took mine; szS][$25
   *13.  2 long john full body pajamas or full body footsie pjs :] [look it up]
    ***14.  gift card to Strands bookstore[$50-$100]
    **15.  Michael Kors Golden Oversized Runway watch[$250]
    **16.  Marsh 88 graffiti markers[][$5.50 for each color]
    ***17.  Jordan Olive 9’s[sz 6 in boys/kids][loo it up]
    **18.  Tommy Hilfiger High Rain Boot Heels[sz 7.5W][$500]
    ***19. Goyard white 'St.Louis' tote bag to go with my brown one :] [$1100]
    *** 20. Jordan 10[seattle supersonic colorway; running for $700]
     *21. a personal masseur[look it up ]
     ***22. an iMac 27'' 2.8GHz[$2000]
     **23. giftcard to Vicki's ;) [$100 or more]
     ***24. Ricci Steez in a nicely wrapped box lol[idk he costs alot; ask him]
     **25. someone to pay for my back tattoo :] [about $300-400]
     ***26. for my bff Andrew to get us 2 tickets to Miami for spring break ORRRR Spain lol[???]
     **27. Christian Louboutin Bianca Tie Dye Platform Pump Bianca[$775]
     ***28. to be on the cover of Complex Mag :)[priceless]
     *29. Louis XIII de Remy Martin[yea this bottle costs like $1,200; i just want it for my dad lol]
    ***30. my girl Jeanine to get back from London and Terry from Hong Kong lol[priceless] 
    **31. Vintage Deadstock Chicago Bulls snapback hat[sold on Karmaloop; $45]
    **32. Vintage Deadstock 76ers snapback hat (huge fan)[sold on Karmaloop; $45]
    *33. 10 Deep 'Armed' 5 panel snapback hat in navy[sold on Karmaloop; $36]
    **34. 10 Deep Loose Cannon Varsity Jacket in Black[sold on Karmaloop; $158]
    **35. 10 Deep Hardcore Pocket Tee in Black[sold on Karmaloop; $32]
    ***36. 4 my next boyfriend & i 2 last long enough so he can give me a promise ring lol never had   one[priceless]
    **37. Crooks&Castles Trouble Makers sweatshirt in black[sold on Karmaloop; $80]
    *38. all of the SNEAKERFREAKER magazines :)[look it up]
    ***39. Rokinon FE8M-N 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens for Nikons[about $300]
    ***40. Nikon Super COOLSCAN 9000 ED scanner[$2200]
x  xoxoxo,