Monday, December 20, 2010

A Mornings Blessing

i want to.
breathe your musk
til dusk
laying in the grass on top of the morning dew
because having you, next to me, is a must...
i smile every time i see your face
better yet.
in a picture frame
so the memory of you cannot be erased
so i trace,
every line that creates you from your waist
and your lips, what a bitter taste.
and when my finger traces your adams apple to your ears
i want you to think of me for years,
time soon to be spent with you
what are you to
for the bad in me, you see, baby im a devil in a dress
and all your boys tell you that you and i cannot be
and there's something that i must confess.
no matter if i, cannot be,
who you wish me to be,
i will try my best, to do
what i must do,
for it to be just us two--
and baby;
it's only because

Butta Love
[this was actually spur of the moment/ freestyle that i wrote right edits done.]