Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Afternoon Txts with Enrique

Enrique: "....you are one of a handful of artist that i consider a peer and i respect and admire your creative work and mentals."

Me: "It wasn't a problem...i liked it...it made me laugh and think...creatively-i like 2 put up things i know my readers will enjoy, plus my readers knew about you...a lot were happy when you reappeared on the blog- u were like my creative muse during the summer....you have a lot going for you, I've always respected your grind.

Enrique: "Hahhhahahaha yo that's crazy...you used me, well there is another summer coming soon"

Me: Lol everyone gets used for something...whether it be for their love, their company, their mind or their money, so get used to it...and hopefully i wont have to wait that long"

Enrique: "Hahaha how do you know i wasn't using you as my creative muse..."

Me: "Lol i never said you weren't BUT i doubt it because i didn't let you go, u let me go remember? if i was your muse you wouldn't have done that[touche]

Enrique: "Touche!! you are swift with it, but you are straightforward and not tangled up with people emotionally.  i didn't want to damage our friendship and spiritual connection.

Me: "You don't know me at all love; my love life is far from stable.  i just have a stable way of thinking when it comes to not getting attached because i know every person has their day where they will decide whether they will stay in my life or not and vice versa...you attach yourself to a persons ways which you will never forget..not to the person as a whole
Enrique: "I feel you.  I love how you know yourself; mad wise beyond your years

Me: "You should always know yourself so no one else tells you who you are...

to be continued...