Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Valuable Lesson of the Day

sooo my day was terrific until 9pm hit...i learned something really valuable today..love can be so violent sometimes.  It will literally tear, stab, stomp, slap and bury your heart all at the same time.  shit sometimes is pushed way too damn far...i dont know whether to cry or just suck it up like i always do and just keep it moving because thats what i do best...i think im a bit drained out for anymore tears on men who dnt understand me anyway.  even though i know i did wrong, admitted to it and try to fix it sometimes people cant get over things that arent even relevant to fixing the mess thats spilled....sooo on that note im going to just keep moving on with my artwork bc thats the only thing that wont fuck me over at the end of the day.