Saturday, November 27, 2010

::random thought::

ok guys sooo im so thankful to God because i thought my laptop had crashed but it didnt...just had a huge file on it that shouldnt have been there, so im back on my blog :) had a fun day with the fam...just finished watching the Harry Potter movie which was great..always upset bc i have to wait for the next one, but in thi case (the final one)...NOW to business my sister put me on to Lil Kim's diss to Nicki Minaj..i know some of yu might hate me for this but i have always been a Kim fan..and when Nicki came in trust i wasnt hyped, actually i was always saying how the chick should walk on eggshells and Drake needs to mind his business..theres nothing like a legend having to ruin you and bury you in the dirt and Nicki's been pushing the wrong watch every1 that's had her on their songs back the hell down to the real Queen..let's go Kim..putting up the link in a bit.