Thursday, November 18, 2010

::random thought::

so im going home in a few hours...i dont know why i'm not sleeping yet..ok I'm not sleeping because 1. i havent packed yet -_- everything is on my bed though...BUT idk how all of this stuff is going to fit my mom always says "make it fit" LOL...ohh let me keep going 2. i have to clean up the kitchen, i just cooked steak and pasta :) YES at 1am IDC im a fatass!!!! 3. i told myself i was going to wash my hair even though i washed it 2 days ago but Kadeem stole my damn umbrella soooooo ive been getting soaked on for the past 2 days..YUCK rain hair lol...anyway tho (ricci steez voice--even though im upset at him) im stil waiting for Julien to call me...that was 4 and 5 i have to finish my glass of wine -_- OH SHIT...theres 6...didnt even remember til nw i have to write an artist statement for my 9am class FML FML FML!!!! smh