Saturday, November 27, 2010

Live Poetry: Jasmine Mans speaking on Nicki Minaj

What I loved about this video was that this wasn't meant to diss Nicki at all, Jasmine was just speaking truth.  Personally this is what I feel:  Lil Kim came into the game where men weren't respecting women as rappers.  Men didn't think women could rap about sex, money, hoes, etc and Lil Kim paved that way..."I'm the reason bitches want bigger breast" is one of my fav. Kim lines because at that time it was necessary to put herself out there in that way...because of women like Kim, Foxy (even tho im not a big fan) Queen Latifah, MC Lite, etc women today don't need to do all of that extra stuff to get into the game.  I feel Nicki could've came into the industry with her own style, her own character...everything she does is LIL KIM this, LIL KIM that with a twist of Lady Gaga.  Honestly, she's a bit outrageous for her personality..I know your a hoodrat...not a hoodchick a hoodrat..Soooo lets not pretend.  No one is hating on a barbie.  The whole "black barbie" thing was Kim's, the colored wigs were all Kim' an image to younger girls you should watch what you do and how you portray yourself.  You have to stay in your lane and not get into the ring with a legend unless your on the sidelines wiping the sweat off them..that would be if Drake went at Nas -_- come on.  All of these newcomers have no respect and neither do these "fans" of theres who just started getting into the hip hop game...sit yourselves down, brush up on your history and then make your own instead of worrying about dissing those who made it possible for you.