Friday, August 6, 2010

::random thought::

i had the weirdest dream last night/this morning-- i was on a train that was moving extremely slow at first.  i thought i was the only passenger until i saw my friend DJ Ink on the opposite i went up to him the train started moving faster and faster...i looked at him and as he looked up at me i saw his blue within blue eyes with no whites (i think its because of the book "Dune" im reading: thanks Enrique).  anyways- i asked Ink "Ink, why are your eyes so blue?" and he said "because i had been crying all my life" i didnt know what to do and finally felt an urge to kiss him, so i did. it was a bit intense because  i felt it and woke up.

i already told Ink lol, he said he owed me one so we'll see if the dream was right or not about his kiss.  deeper into it i feel like what he said was supposed to be a reflection of myself.  i'm always happy because i make myself so, yet i find myself crying, most of the time not physically but mentally, in my thoughts-- it was weird, felt like his eyes were like glass that i was supposed to see something through