Monday, July 19, 2010

::random thought::

I met a guy named Enrique the other day, as he saw me reading a book, just as he was he gave me a look that intrigued me.  Once he came up to me he whispered to me that he would love to take me out to brunch one of my fav. things ever...he gave me a piece of paper that said "Enrique, #, Employed, Educated and I can Cook!!!" it ul  the most humrous, yet honest thing I've read in a while.  We went out today and it was a blissful experience...bad thing is he's 29 I'm stuck, but not quiet...he has no extra strings attached, we share the love for poetry, for reading, he's a Renaissance man, with dreads and a spirit with the greatest vibe that I've had in a while.... lets see where this goes