Wednesday, June 2, 2010


this is a poem written by my number one fan Chris Chunn who sent this to me this morning through facebook, he said he hadnt written poetry in a year and that i inspired him-- its a beautiful thing that reminds me of a psalm, a mini prayer you'd want to put in your pocket

There are whispers outside my window
to try and listen would be pointless
it is as if they are speaking a foreign language
maybe they speak of my veiled insecurities

It could be that they are ridiculing my strong mind and weak heart
satirizing my dreams and attempting to deflate my goals
whispering mockery to raise a laugh amongst themselves
snickering at my imperfections despite their own

Perchance they are saying I am too outspoken
they believe I should quit while I am ahead
if I only I can understand their dialect
but I do not...

I never learned to hate

-Chris Chunn