Monday, May 17, 2010


Clarifying Light,
my emotions meet my reality.
There is a moment to laugh,
a moment to cry-
I am in a place
where the streams run of milk,
the sky always looks like the Northern Lights,
the bark of trees are made of silk
and their branches smell of pine.
Allow me to pass the golden gates,
allow me to see the light when it is time-
(thunder) (lightning) (rain)
almighty voice that sounds angry with me,
what evil of me do you see?-
beyond the shadows I am placed
as Michael forces me back-
stabbing my wings-
I fall.
In my mind were the beautiful things-
follow the leaves when they sway on the ground,
listen to the secrets that the wind tells you.
But now-
I inhale anthrax through a mask,
demons feast on my soul.
The dark sun enters me as it pounds upon my pelvis.
My wings are nailed to flames on the wall
as I look upon the face
who was the cause of it all.
He unlit my halo
and took away my angelic glow-
yet I loved him.
A monster so beautiful
worth being banned from heaven-
but I wanted my wings.
One by one my white feathers fell
as I grew black ones-
and a red crown of thorns-
a tail with a flame tip
and a tongue that hissed.
Reborn underground
no light, no warmth,
no more humans or angelic sounds-
did you leave me?
I know I have done wrong-
I have fell in love with Lucifer
but I don’t want to be at war with you.

Drowning in wet cement,
I am floating on quicksand,
sinking in the sea-

My last vision was having you both-
with me.

-Butta Love, the provocative verbalist