Saturday, March 13, 2010

::random thought::

I've been a bit behind on posting--sorry you guys...I've been working really hard on my photobook project and my short story for my fiction class (the one I gave you guys a glimpse of about a month ago "Without Shoes") now the same teacher has me working on a novel outline LOL I really like this guy Prof. Arthur Flowers- check out his blog- 
So I don't know what the name to my photobook project is going to be- its concept is age(photos of newborns all the way to the dead) Title idea: in Spanish "En El Centro de Mi Vida: Al Final de Mi Muerte" (the Englishtranslation "In the Middle of My Life: At the End of My Death")--it'll be mixed with some of my poetry from the books that I'm working on-wish me luck.