Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Break Hearts, My Darling

You’ve stolen my heart prematurely-

yet you’ve healed me…

your healing me…

I wish for you to stay to heal me when you hurt me,

when you break all the components that bound my heart.

You don’t have to ever tell me that you don’t believe my words because I can see it in your eyes

You don’t have to tell me that you don’t love me because I can feel it when I hear your heart beat out of sync with mine

You don’t hold my hand anymore but you definitely want to kiss up on me in your house

You don’t acknowledge that we’re together when everyone’s around—but you screw me so deep that it hurts sometimes because I wish you loved me that deep.

I dreamed you spoke up to defend me once like a real man who cares would do

…and dreamed you held me so close because you didn’t want to loose me

Break Hearts, my darling

Because I wish I had more than one to give you so it wouldn’t hurt so much in one spot

Mentally draining me because of the excuses I allow you to feed me,

Make my ears bleed tears

Physically torturing me because I can’t stand on my own two feet without you,

you’re slapping me with pain-

and I’ve lost count of bruises and unstitched cuts


You damn well know how much I love you.

A melody to a sad song,

Break hearts, my darling

-Butta Love, the provocative verbalist